Friday, 24 October 2014

Stephanie's Tea Cup/Mug Exchange

Have you met Stephanie of the delightful blog
I would love you to pop in and become 
acquainted with her gorgeous blog
as she does so many interesting things!

For the past few years Stephanie has hosted
The Tea Cup/Mug Exchange
which has become very popular among 
tea loving bloggers!

I heard about this swap last year through another of my
dear bloggy friends Kitty of Kitty's Kozy Kitchen
(you must check out her blog - she has great recipes)! 
This time Kitty dropped me an email to tell me
that Stephanie was hosting another
teacup and mug exchange!
Thank you dear Kitty for keeping me in the loop!
Bloggers are such lovely people!

My 'giving' partner was Belle
who lives in Australia.
Belle doesn't have a blog yet but she tells me
she is creating one, so I'll let you all know when that happens!

I received such a beautiful parcel from Belle
with this gorgeous tea cup called 
it is the softest pink bone china with a delicate
green criss-cross pattern around the edge.

She included more goodies in the parcel
some yummy Italian hazelnut chocolate biscuits
perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea.
Talking of tea, Belle treated me to a selection of 
Twinings tea in a pretty organza bag.
 There was also a sweet card with a note telling 
me about herself which was nice.
Thank you so much Belle, I'm totally
"over the moon"
with all your kind gifts!

The receiver of my tea cup gift parcel is
Alice who lives in Italy.

Maybe she hasn't received my parcel yet as there are
no photographs of what I sent her on Stephanie's blog post.

Unfortunately, Alice doesn't have a blog either, 
so I can't ask you to visit her
however, maybe I can encourage her
to get started as she obviously enjoys the interaction
with other bloggers!

Alice, if you are reading this post
please don't let language be a barrier to blogging.
have two other Italian blog friends
plus Dutch, German, French, Finnish, Danish,
Swedish, Bulgarian, Polish and Russian bloggy pals!!!

Thank you dear Stephanie for hosting your
Tea Cup/Mug Exchange again this year.
I can see it is a huge undertaking.
Your communication was amazing - thank you.
I have been involved in other swaps where
the communication was not so good.

It's my first time joining the
Tea Cup/Mug Exchange
I will definitely do it again
 and I can recommend it to
anyone interested in all things tea!
If you would like me to tell you when the
next one is on, let me know in a comment or 
email me.

I am linking this post to
Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose
please click on the above link and you can see 
what others have received/given in their exchanges!
I'm also linking to
Diane for Beautiful Sunday
 Judith for Mosaic Monday
Bernideen for Tea in the Garden

Thank you all for your visits and your caring comments. 
Work has been easier this week!

Take care and 
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. Hello, my dear! What a lovely post, sweet Shane! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the items you received from Belle - isn't she a sweetheart?!

    The tea cup is exquisite and so feminine with its pretty pink color. I bet the tea tastes even sweeter from it :)

    I am so glad you joined the exchange and I am very thankful to Kitty for letting you know about it. Kitty is a blessing to all who know her!

    Much love to you, friend!

  2. Hello Shane,
    I'm visiting you from my dear daughters blog, the enchanting rose.
    Your tea cup is absolutely, positively, gorgeous! I love the color pink, especially a soft pink. Your tea will taste extra special in that beauty.
    Alice was the lovely lady who graced me with a most beautiful gift package. I was spoiled by her love.
    I enjoyed my visit here tonight.
    Sweet blessings, Debbie

  3. Hello Shane,
    Your pale pink teacup is so charming. What a lovely package you received. I've seen a few of these teacup exchanges on blogs and would enjoy being involved in one next time around.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hello Shane, what a lovely teacup! My pink teacups are some of my absolute favorites! Beautiful post! Many blessings to you, Sandra

  5. Bonjour mon amie.
    Just popped in to say thank you for your lovely comment about my sketches, so pleased you liked them, I enjoyed painting them. It's lovely to hear about your blogger tea party friends, what a pretty cup you received, When I have my cup of tea this afternoon I'll be thinking about you drinking tea from your pretty pink teacup. Bon weekend.

  6. Such a delightful swap! I love your tea cup and saucer, so very dainty and pretty - lucky you! I don't have any tea cups myself, only mugs - must do something about that!

  7. Hello dear Shane
    Stephanie has already used the word "exquisite", the best one for describing your new tea cup! So I choose "very elegant"... Your photos are lovely.
    The Tea Cup/Mug Exchange looks really a nice idea.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. What a beautiful cup and the best part, it holds precious memories of this fun swap!

  9. My, what a lovely idea. Lovely tea cup, too.

  10. What a lovely parcel! I enjoy seeing what each member of the teacup exchange received!

  11. What a lovely tea cup plus all the other gifts she sent you. Lovely post. Have a blessed day. Madelinewguc

  12. What a lovely idea to exchange teacups Shane. You received a really pretty one!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  13. You are so lucky you got this lovely 'Christiana'teacup, it is simply beautiful.
    Have a very nice weekend with lots of cups of tea!

  14. What a beautiful tea cup, Shane! I had a lot of fun participating in this exchange. :-)

  15. Ooh Shane,
    You received such lovely gifts from Belle! I'm so happy that you participated in this wonderful exchange and thank you for your kindness in mentioning me. Your teacup is such a pretty one and the Twinings tea sounds fabulous. You've arranged all your gifts so artistically. Blessings to you, sweet friend.

  16. What a fun exchange! Wish I could take part in such things but the postage here is now so high that it makes it almost impossible.

  17. Hi Shane, wow what a beautiful tea cup and I just love all the other goodies you received. Stephanie does such a great job hosting this fun exchange! I hope you enjoy everything. Thanks for your lovely visit.

  18. Oh, I just am in love with that beautiful teacup! It's such a gorgeous color! I so enjoyed this exchange, too, and seeing all the lovely packages. So much fun!

  19. What a beautiful and delicate looking tea cup. The pictures of the goodies make me want to have a snack. So nice to meet you and others along the way with this exchange. So fun to visit each blog to see what items people chose to send and the generosity to others. What fun. Thanks for visiting my page. Have a great week-end.

  20. Dear Shane,

    The teacup is so very pretty and love the gorgeous pink and green colours.
    A teacup is such a wonderful gift to exchange.
    Many thanks for the kind visit and note you left me.
    Hope you are enjoying the long weekend - isn't the weather amazing!

  21. Dear Shane, what a beautiful post to share your tea cup gift. You received such a gorgeous cup and I love the soft pink color and details. How special to also receive yummy treats and tea to enjoy too.
    Yes our exchange was a blessing with thanks to our dear Stephanie. She is a sweet spirit and joyful friend.
    This was my first exchange too and I am already looking forward to the next.
    Thank you dear for stopping by and your kind comment. It is always a blessing when you visit.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Hugs and Smiles

  22. Shane, I think everyone will want to swap with her the next time! What a wonderful package! And all the treats. A tea-toast to Belle -- and to you, too, for sharing it all!

  23. Dearest Shane,
    That was indeed a lovely parcel in the mail, full with elegant and delicious gifts!
    Enjoy your weekend and sending you hugs,

  24. What a fun swap...and your tea cup is just beautiful....the treats look delicious.

  25. What a fantastic exchange! Your new teacup is gorgeous

  26. The tea cup exchange is a fun idea..Your new tea cup is beautiful and I love the goodies that came with it.. Happy Sunday and enjoy your new week ahead!

  27. The tea cup exchange is always so special and a great way to make new friends. I hope I can take part in it next time. Enjoy your week sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

  28. You received a lovely delicate pink teacup Shane, even the name is feminine. Lots of goodies too and I wish I could sit and have tea and macarons with you.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  29. I love the pale color of that tea unusual; just gorgeous!

  30. What a great idea, to change cups with other bloggers. The one you got is so beautiful with its pink stripe.

  31. Hi Shane, I loved reading your post. The mug exchange is such a wonderful idea.

    The tea cup is so dainty!

    I wish you a fabulous new week!


  32. What a wonderful exchange! The tea cup and saucer Belle sent to you is very beautiful and the added treats was a nice thought be her.

  33. Hello Shane, a brilliant and fun idea! I love the soft pink color, who doesn't love tea cups!! Thanks for sharing all these links, I will follow them. Have a wonderful week.

  34. Oh Shane you are so lucky to get all those goodies from Belle, I'd forgotten about the exchange and remembered seeing posts last time. Those treats will go nicely with your tea.

  35. What a wonderful gift! The teacup and mug exchange is so special! Stephanie is a darling, isn't she?! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  36. Shane, your teacup is just lovely, perfect for my Pink Tea this month! I love the soft pink. You really received some wonderful goodies in your parcel. Those treats will go well with your tea. I would like to participate in the exchange but the cost of mailing here in Canada is so very high. Thank you for sharing your very pretty gift with us and joining me for tea. Have a fabulous week.


  37. Shane-- what a nice way to meet new people. The tea cup exchange is a truly lovely idea:)

    Thank you for your visit-- your words of support-- and all the love you send my way...

  38. What a wonderful idea...surprises and goodies galore. Happy Mosaic Monday!

  39. What a lovely teacup.. and such a special event, this exchange.

  40. That teacup and gifts are just perfect for a tea lover. What a fun exchange. I will have to check it out for next year.

  41. Hi Shane,
    Hope my comment works this time, LOL! I just wanted to say that I love the teacup that you received (all the way from Australia!)It really IS gorgeous! The pink and green is so lovely. I am sure you have tried "her" out with that wonderful selection of tea! I was so excited to use my teacups the first time!!! The Italian cookies look delicious too! I would be interested to know what Belle's blog is when she publishes it! Thanks you for stopping by my blog too! Always a pleasure to meet new friends! We are all so lucky to have Stephanie in our blogging world!!! Have a wonderful day!

  42. Takk for koselige ord inne hos meg. Jeg velger å skrive på norsk er hos deg så kan jo translater brukes :)
    Nydelig tekopp og nam nam til de og bitene der. Det er moro å ha venner over hele verden :) og vi bor jo på hver vår side av jorda- men samtidig så mye lik natur har jeg hørt.

    Ønsker deg fine dager

    Klemmer Monica

  43. That is very lovely tea cup. Nice design.

  44. Dear Shane - Just stopped by to visit. Your gift is gorgeous and those teas and cookies sound perfect for the cooler weather. Am going to visit your two blogging buddies and maybe next year find out more about this tea cup exchange. Sounds like a wonderful time to link up with new and old friends alike. Have a great day.

  45. Hi Shane! Thank you for linking up in my shy and quiet Sunday series. :)

    If I will summarize your post in one word, it would be ELEGANT! Everything I see is so elegant. The tea cup, saucer and the french macaron!

    Wishing you a great weekend ahead! Stay elegant :)

  46. Wow, you got such great goodies! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with this exchange. Have a great week :)



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