Thursday, 3 January 2013


"Happy New Year"
dear friends
and very best wishes
for a wonderful

We've just returned home after a few
days relaxing at a beautiful, 
East Coast beach,
on the Coromandel Peninsula!

The population is usually around 5000,

however during the Christmas/New Year
period it swells to 25,000.

There are two surf beaches and
one estuary with a marina
at the top.
As you can see by these photos
the beach is not crowded.
When I look back at summers in
Europe, the sand packed with
bodies like sardines in a tin!
That's a weird experience for
us kiwis who are used to
wide open spaces!

 There are Pohutukawa trees all
the way around the East Coast
Because it flowers in December
it's known as the
New Zealand Christmas tree.

I'm aware that the majority of you

 who read my blog are from the
Northern Hemisphere, so I hope
you enjoy this post
to remind you that Summer will
be back again before you know it!

to my new followers,
I'll be over to see you all soon.

Thank you dear friends for visiting
my blog - especially those of you
who are kind enough to leave
a comment to tell me
you've popped in and read my posts!

Be kind to one another



  1. Hope you had a lovely break away at that beach at Whangamata! Looks so beautiful and isolated - just the way we like it here. Like there we are inundated with tourists at present and tend to only go to isolated areas! Those Pohutukawas are so gorgeous and I remember them vividly when we traveled around New Zealand!

    Hope the New Year fills your heart with joy and gives you peace of mind with heaps of inspiration in your creative works Shane,

    Sending love and hugs,

  2. Owww Shane ..i wish summer was here too !!! from me...happy new year !!

  3. Whangamata - a very familiar place I have been to on a number of occasions when we lived in NZ. And of course I know how to pronounce it! My husband had family that lived there (some still do) and it's where I spent my first Kiwi Christmas which I remember well because it rained and the beach was deserted!
    I have just posted about my Christmas - it was hot but we still managed to sit down to lunch outside. Have spent days at the beach, rainforest and river as we had a German boy staying with us and wanted to show him around.
    May you have a most blessed 2013 Shane and I look forward to seeing all the lovely creations and places you share with your readers this year!

  4. Glad you had a lovely break and the beach scenes are delightful. Yes, a good reminder of sunnier days to come over here in Europe. (We are already planning some time in our home in Italy in the new year where it should be warmer than the UK). Meanwhile, we take each day as it comes. Happy New Year dear blog friend!

  5. Very nice photos,
    Happy New Year 2013 to you too

  6. LOVE your wide open spaces AND your Kiwi Christmas tree is a real treasure too!

    Happy Healthy 2013 dear friend ... may all of your wishes and dreams come true


  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip...I agree with you about Europe, In Canada we are so lucky..Millions and Millions and Millions of acres, and only 35 million people..enjoy your summer, we are happy to be in AZ during the cold winter months to be able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine..hiking is so good down here..Happy 2013❤

  8. Lovely beach photos, Shane. They remind me, as I sit here bundled up in my sweater with the heat blasting, that seasons come and go, and to enjoy what's happening now.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Oh to be in your sunny climate!

  10. What a beautiful place to take to, for some dayes of relaxation and piece. Yes dear Shane, it looks very temtting, when sitting here in Denmark, where the wind hauls,it rains all day, and is cold!!
    What a fantastic nature, and that tree is wonderful. So happy for you, you had some beautiful dayes.

  11. Hello Shane
    During all the snow we've been getting lately, it was refreshing to look at a beach of sand and water - and one that is not packed.
    I wonder if those same trees grow in Florida? I photographed the red spiky flower of some type last year but could never find the name.
    I like your heartfelt comment 'be kind to one another'

  12. Looks like you had a lovely WARM vacation. Thank you for sharing-it sure does make me think of summer which won't be here soon enough for me :) That flowering tree is beautiful!

  13. Nice to see some sunshine :-)
    Happy new year, Shane :-)

  14. Hard to believe it is summer somewhere when it was 17 here this morning when I walked! : )
    Enjoy summer!!

  15. Dear Shane, looks like a glorious place to be right now....just looking has warmed me up! Wishing you the best for the coming year, N.xo

  16. Dearest Shane,
    Thanks for warming up our cooler and rainy days. Enjoy those special blossoms in your region for now and be happy in 2013. Hugs to you,

  17. Liebe Shane,
    wie gerne würde ich jetzt auch an so einem Strand liegen und mich meinen Tagträumen hingeben. Hier in Deutschland ist pure Tristesse angesagt. Es ist nebelig und regnerisch, allerdings kommen einem bei solch einem Wetter neue Ideen für das kommende Gartenjahr, ich sehe schon die blühenden Rosen vor meinem inneren Auge.Ist der neuseeländische Weihnachtsbaum verwandt mit der südafrikanischen Protea?Sehr hübsche, puschelige Blüten.Danke für deine schönen Sommerimpressionen.
    Alles Liebe schickt dir aus der Kälte die Babsi

  18. Oh I'm green with envy, we are so far from any warm temps! Looks so wonderful! Happy creative New Year to you and yours! Mx

  19. Oh my goodness - your blog is so very beautiful! I have just loaded you in for the Grow Your Blog party- updates are on my blog - see you on the 19th

  20. Yes, Shane, I do pop in from time to time, just don't always stop long enough for a comment. Your get-away looks like it was lovely. Thanks for the reminder that the sun will come again. I do love the sun.

  21. Dear Shane, you make my grey and rany day a little better with your sunny pictures. Love the tour you gave us.

    Hugs and love Yvonne



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