Saturday, 11 August 2012


A French Birthday Party

My darling Stella had her seventh
birthday while I was in France...

Time to party and eat cake!!!
A special cake as you can see,
made according to instructions
from the very talented
of Pretty Far West blog.

Please visit Mise on her special
'doll cake link' here and
here for the layout instructions...
you will love reading Mise's blog
she has a wicked sense of humour!

Sweet Jessie was very keen to
get her fat little fingers into
the cake too!!!

I love pressies

and of course with the Kiwi connection
we had  games like 'pass the parcel'
(new to french kids - they loved it)!

Roxy wanted to join in
'musical cushions' too!

a quick drink and......

a handful of these
and back to the fun!

Thank you Mise
for your wonderful cake idea -
it was a huge hit in France!!

Please don't forget to visit
the 3 amazing Giveaways
links on my
right hand side bar!!!!!

Thank you dear friends
for popping in to see me,
you've all cheered me up and
I'm feeling great again!!
Love you!

Be kind to one another
warm hugs


  1. Welcome home. I wondered where you were, I have such a hard time keeping up. The party looks Tres French and fun.
    I am off myself next month, going walk-about French style.
    Trying to make it home also, will do before too long. Could see you again which would be lovely
    aloha Lilla

  2. Dearest Shane,

    Certainly these photos will bring the memories back in a way that you miss them even more so... It is tough for letting go! But you did bring some lovely Kiwi culture over to your sweet grandchildren. The cake looks like something very special indeed.
    Hugs to you,

  3. That's a great cake for a little girl (well, it's a great cake for a big girl too!).

  4. That is one cute cake. We always play pass the parcel at baby showers but I have a few friends who would get a bit out of hand with the whole thing. Glad to hear the kids had a good time. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Tammy

  5. Love the cake and confections in their girly colors! I never heard of pass the parcel-looks like everyone had a great time.

  6. Such a fun party - love that you taught the French girls some new games. Personally I always loved 'pass the parcel'. Beautiful cake and the children are adorable. So happy you were there to share a very special Birthday Shane.

    Hugs - Mary

  7. What a sweet nice this post !!!...lovely not forget to enter my new give away is a suprise !!

  8. Oh, how lucky you were able to celebrate your granddaughter's birthday with her :-)

  9. So lovely photos! Happy day to you! Hug!

  10. This french birthday party looks very cosy. So nice that you had the possibilty to celebrate it with them. And it brings you a lt of new memories.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Hi Shane,
    Glad you are feeling settled back in knowing you have created such grand memories for your grandchildren..I loved the cake..glad it was such a hit❤

  12. What a wonderful celebration and oh my I love that cake!!, Many more wonderful birthdays to come!

  13. oh what fun...sweets for the sweet...the cake is darling as are all of the girls!

    I am sure it will be a birthday to remember always

    Happy weekend to you dear Shane

  14. What a fabolous cake. All looks great fun x

  15. It was the best thing I've even seen The Happy Birthday for Stella.
    You made clever time with what was beautiful your own life.
    Have a nice time.

  16. Hello Dear Shane
    That birthday party was every little girl's dream with that very special cake and her grandmother even being their to help celebrate!
    It will be one to remember with some of these gorgeous photos.
    Hope you are settling back in home again and soon it will be Spring for us as the birds are telling us it is nigh!
    Hope you got my email dear friend!
    Love and big hugs,

  17. What a wonderful birthday, you all had, and I`m sure the girls had so much fun, and enjoied the day with lovely cakes and play time.
    Dear Shane, I know you still miss them terribly, and send you a warm hug- I haven`t seen mine for months, but will go there in September :-)

  18. What better cake for a 7 year old.
    It looks like they all had a fun party even the baby. How precious.



  19. So cute! Jessie's grabbing the cake made me smile. I'd love to get my hands on (in) such a yummie cake too :) Beautiful grandchildren Shane! hugs, Wendy



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