Sunday, 13 May 2012


Bonne fête des Mères
to my wonderful blogging friends
here and across the world!!

I've had a brilliant idea....

Would you like to join me for lunch today in
(a virtual lunch you understand)

I've booked our table - the one on the left, at
Le Café du Commerce
51 rue de Commerce
75015 Paris

Oh what a lovely idea..... if only .....
we can dream and let our imaginations
run wild
it is Mother's Day after all!!

Our family had a wonderful Sunday lunch here
two years ago, the last time we were all in Paris together.
The food was superb and the service excellent!

However, Café du Commerce
was more than the food -
it's an experience!
It was built in the 1920's era and has
retained the decor and them of the era.
I imagine some who considered
themselves part of the cafe society
back then, may have even graced it's doors!!

The Sunday we had lunch here, there was a big
family group on the top floor
celebrating a Christening with great
joie de vivre!!

This bistro was a favourite of
my daughter and her husband when
they lived in this quarter -
15th arrondissement.

Dreams are free....yes?

Meantime I'm giving each of you
a virtual bunch of these exquisite peonies
and wishing you all
Bonne fête!!!

Please don't forget to visit the two
Vicki's on my side bar.
They are both having wonderful

Vicki Archer has the beautiful blog
and wrote an inspirational book of the same name.


dear friends

for visiting and expecially

those of you who come by often

and leave me lovely warm comments,

make it all worthwhile!!
Be kind to one another
hugs and love
Shane xox

Made with love for
my darling granddaughter
for her Christening in June 2012.


  1. Dear Shane
    We can but dream! Oh Le Cafe du Commerce looks sensational! I'm certainly sitting next to you there and who knows you may be visiting there in reality before too long???
    The peonies are nothing short of exquisite - I return some to you too my very dear friend!
    Hope your Mother's Day is going well!
    Big hugs and love,

  2. Shane...I would love to join you for lunch at Le Café du Commerce..what a treat! Thank you for this recommenadation, I will be sure to add it to my list. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Three weeks until are nearly there. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Shane..

    Best wishes

    Jeanne xx

  3. PS.. Merci Beaucoup...lovely peonies!! :)xxx

  4. What a delightful place to lunch! Definitely a place & a day for some joie de vivre ourselves...what a lovely phrase that is. I am most taken by the peonies..very unusual colours for peonies. I love that combination don't you? Have a lovely week dear your anticipation builds & your stitching hastens. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. Happy

  6. Peonies are my favorite flower! The colors are magnificent. I will be in Paris the first week of July and will try to have lunch here!

    Enjoy your day.


  7. Oh oh oh-- I'd love to have my Mothers Day lunch there!! I can be ready to go in 5 minutes!! What a lovely place-- you must have had the most exquisite and wonderful time there!

    Thanks do much for sharing---
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Ps-
    Thank you for promoting my little give away on your beautiful (!!!) blog--
    Love you-

  9. Count me in! I do hope you'll be able to go back on your upcoming trip.

  10. Aaah mon vieux, je suis là Shane!! Merci bien pour invité-nous. Bonne Fête des Mêres a toi aussi.

  11. Happy Mother's Day Shane!
    I had to ask myself, is she in Paris yet? Soon, right?

    Your lunch plans sound wonderful, wish it were true!

  12. Happy Mother's Day Shane!
    I had to ask myself, is she in Paris yet? Soon, right?

    Your lunch plans sound wonderful, wish it were true!

  13. Dear Shane, it all sounds perfectly wonderful, the lunch, peonies, the company.......wishes can come true! Much love to you on Mother's Day! N.xo

  14. Paris restaurants are often so beautiful, especially the historic ones with many stories to tell. I love the Cafe de la Paix and actually was eating there in the sixties at a table almost next to Coco Chanel and her entourage of dapper young men! When there a few year ago I took my granddaughter into the restaurant and told her the story!

    Know you will have a wonderful visit to your family soon - wishing you safe and comfy travels dear. Thanks so much for the recent lovely comment too.

    Hugs - Mary

  15. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! The booties turned out beautifully!
    Safe travels,

  16. Your travel date is getting closer isn't must be so hold that special little one and hug those girls!
    thinking of you with your family..and thanks for thAt lovely virtual gift❤

  17. I would love to have lunch with you and all the others - wouldn't it be such fun!?!
    Your blog is wonderful and I am going to really enjoy looking around at all you have done - marvellous!

  18. How lovely indeed.
    Blessings and much love

  19. That cafe is literally just round the corner from where my daughter lives ( in the 15th )
    Must pay it a visit next time I am in Paris....
    Julie x

  20. Oh dearie me I fear I've missed the fete!

    but did certainly enjoy the afterglow dear Shane!

    when I was in Paris many many years ago I ate in a cafe with a fresh peonies on the was I left the cafe and walked up the sidewalk a bit the sight before me took my breath away...the white dome of Sacre Coeur appeared before me

    sure would Love to return again one day...thank you for sparking my memory and for the lovely Mother's Day wishes...hope you had the nicest day!

  21. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!
    toko busana muslim

  22. Oh, I wish I'd known about this wonderful place when I visited! I would have loved it even if the food was bad, just for the decor! All the better it is beautiful.

  23. I love those 'made with love for your darling granddaughter Jessie.'
    They make a beautiful gift.

  24. Dear Shane,

    Would love to join you there for lunch, thanks for the invite.
    The peonies are so beautiful.
    You must be counting down the days now and getting very excited about your vacation.

    Happy week

  25. It would be an honor to eat lunch with you there, i like your dream.
    Le café du commerce is a lovely place, wonderful photos.
    Wish you a happy day

  26. Hi! I love Paris! Have a happy day, Shane! xxx riitta sinikka



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