Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Preparations are well under way!!

 I've been in the attic today
sorting through boxes
of books.

I thought my little
granddaughters might
enjoy reading this one.
It's all about
fairies and little people!
My godmother gave
it to me when I was
a little girl!
If you want to see the detail
just click on the pictures.

The illustrations are
and the words are
quite magical too...
I can't wait to read it to them!
(they arrive in 9 days)!!!

This was one of
my favourite books
and my darling father
would read it to me
nearly every night,
then I would study
the pictures in detail before
I fell asleep....

and oh how I wanted
to eat these
delicious looking
I think the girls and I
should have a tea party
just like this -
would you like to come too!?

I remember how I particularly
loved this mermaid page

'Fun under the Sea'
is the title of the
mermaid story

cooking dinner under the tree
looked such fun too

And so to bed...
the little slippers
ready for the morning...

My copy of
Pegs Fairy Book
is now 60 years old
and I still think it's
a magical read!!!

This beautiful giveaway
is from Caterina of
please visit her blog above
to enter - ends 14th February.
Caterina is a such a talented artist
I particularly love
her Sacred Hearts.

Thank you all for popping into my blog,

I love reading your comments
be kind to one another and
love life!!!
Shane x


Catherine said...

Hello Shane, what a delightful wee book. I do so adore the pictures. Reminds me a little of the Magic Faraway Tree. I'd be delighted to come to the tea party. Sounds like you'll have a busy few (9) days ahead. Much love Catherine

La Dolce Vita said...

what a darling post, such delightful images! and thank you shane for blogging this I am so appreciative! xx's

~*~Patty S said...

Oh dear Shane I am totally charmed by Pegs Fairy Book...one page sweeter than the next...you have me dreaming of a cobweb lace gown and YES, I'll be right over for tea

that merbaby! you certainly have a real treasure of a book there!

your granddaughters will adore it and most of all the time spent with you I'm sure!
Enjoy * Enjoy!

dosfishes said...

Those illustrations are gorgeous. What a treasure to share with your grand girls. They will always remember these moments. My grandfather used to recite poetry he learned as a child to me. I still remember sitting with him and listening to every word. xox Corrine

Jan said...

Shane dear,
What a treasure your book is! The illustrations are absolutely charming! And that it was yours (hey, 60 isn't old!) is even more special. It warms my heart to know that your grandchildren will hear you tell the story to them and that you are making a treasured memory at the same time.
Have a lovely day. Your post touched me!

Judy said...

Thanks for 'passing by' my blog and leaving lovely comments, Shane, you have lots of interesting photos & items! I'm at the other end of the island near Wellington!

Rhonda said...

Sometimes it's the first photo that draws me to open up blogs and yours did just that.

Amazing book and a true treasure, Shane!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Shane,

What a beautiful book you have and the memories you recall of having your darling Father read it to you.
How wonderful that your family will soon be coming to visit, you will be getting excited!

Happy week

Lynette (NZ) said...

Fabulous illustrations - thanks for sharing ;-)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

That mermaid page really is the best! The kids will love these stories, what a fun book. My little one likes old books too, we've had a lot of fun reading vintage books. Sometimes they can be a bit odd, but she still likes them.

Have a wonderful visit!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a lovely book - your grands are going to be fascinated by the illustrations, just as you were.

Dorthe said...

Hi Shane,
thanks for your so wonderfull visit,made my morning happy-and I will gladly share a cup of tea with you here.
Especially, when looking into those wonderfull fairytales in your old books, -how special are the drawings, it would be fantastic if someone now a dayes would do anything like it.
They can surely make the fantasie work, in little heads :) and my head,too.
I`m off to do some grocery shopping with a friend of mine-but I will return to your blog, for more cosy reading and tea drinking.
co, Dorthe

Virginia said...

Oh this brought a flood of memories. As a little girl I had a series of framed fairy prints. I have no idea what became of them but your photos are very similar. Enjoy!

Elizabethd said...

Isnt it lovely getting things ready for grandchildren,and such nice books too.
You must be so excited waiting for them to arrive!

Lynn Stevens said...

What a gorgeous book, Those illustrations are so beautiful, and such a treasure to pass along to your Grandchildren!
have a wonderful time on with your family!

Privet and Holly said...

These remind me
so much of a book
series that my mom
had growing up {and
that I used to love
looking at when we
visited Gigi}. I'm
so sad that when they
needed to downsize
Gigi's living arrangements,
Mom gave those books to
Goodwill :( She also
regrets it, as my daughter
loves to draw and paint
and would be very inspired
by this type of illustration.
Your granddaughters are going
to LOVE this and the tea
party that it is sure to
inspire. Have FUN!!
xx Suzanne

Mary said...

You are going to have so much fun with the girlies - and sharing your long-treasured childhood books will be so special. Know you are getting very excited as the time gets short.


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