Thursday, 20 January 2011

Summertime and the living is easy.....

 With such fantastic weather
I've found it impossible
to sit indoors at my computer!!

Forgive me dear friends
for not posting before this
 ...but we're on the move again,
up North to the Bay of Islands,
I promise I'll have some photos
of our trip when we return
 so it's au revoir to the city
for another week or so!
(it's great being retired)
free as a bird
enjoying the sunshine and life
on the ocean waves!!!

Thank you all for popping into my blog,
I love reading your comments
please be kind to one another and
love life!!!
Shane x


Doreen G said...

Have a great trip Shane and I seem to recognise that flower in the photo.

Junibears said...

I envy you, but in a lovely way! Have a really trip. Big Hugs
June xx

Elizabethd said...

Hope your trip is wonderful!

Jan said...

Have a Lovely time away. We didn't get as far as the Bay of Island but I believe it is beautiful so I look forward to seeing some photos.

Jan said...

What are those beautiful flowers???? Georgeous!

I'm happy for you and your retirement and the traveling you are doing. In 5 yrs or less, we hope to get the camper and do the same. Until then, I'll live through your travels.

Waiting patiently for photos of your trip!


~*~Patty S said...

ooo smooth sailing dear Shane

looks like you are making the most of retirement

Enjoy Enjoy...looks really lovely!

and YES...more photos pretty please :)

Jacky said...

We will be semi retired later this year, a new journey in life. Bay of Islands, so beautiful, enjoy Shane.

Mary said...

I'm enjoying reading your posts and should have visited much sooner - the days just aren't long enough to do everything one hopes for. Glad retirement is filling your days with joy, the pics from the boat trip are lovely.

I see you will soon be welcoming your family - how fabulous. Know you will all have a wonderful time together.

Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Travel safely and bring back lots of photos and stories!


carole brungar said...

You lucky thing, hope you caught good weather!!

margaret said...

Lovely lovely pics! totally NZ colours, how I miss those! I spent a great summer holiday inthe bay of islands when I was about 17! wee while ago now...Mx

Pamela said...

Oh those pictures are lovely, so blue. Love the NZ Christmas bush too. I do so hope you have a great time.
Pamela xx

TK said...

We are now back in the land of reality after our time away, hope you are having an awesome break......getting excited for you as it is soon time for your family to visit!!!!

Dianne said...

Bonjour Shane - how I enjoy your lovely sea photos - makes me want to jump in and swim.


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