Thursday, 2 September 2010


As part of Carole's Journal Class

we included paper napkins/tissue serviettes

into our journal pages.

One bright classmate suggested

we have a napkin swap...
As I've never been part of a swap before
I thought it was a great idea!

AND I can't resist paper napkins.

Sooo, everyone sent 10 napkins of the same design

to Carole who organised the swap.

Just look at this bevy of beauties

I received

they arrived in this envelope.

I just love going to the letter box

and finding packages like this!

I was wondering
which is my FAVE napkin...
the mere fact that they are

"World Travellers"
and were once part of
someone elses collection
makes each one so special.
They're all beautiful
and I just LOVE them all!

Thank you Carole for co-ordinating
our swap - it was fun!

Here's another view
don't you love them too?

YOU can still join in!

If you would like to do Carole's

class you can by going here.

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  1. Beautiful serviettes! I'm like you I love them all, the one with the parisian scenes is gorgeous but so is the pretty letter~box or is it bird~box. I can imagine what a delight to open up this parcel.

  2. How wonderful to participate in this swap.
    Love all the pretty ones you received and that would have been a fun package to get in your mailbox.

    Happy Thursday

  3. OOhh, I can hardly wait. LOL.
    They are all so nice!
    Isn't it fun to swap things Shane?
    I do it often, for years now, and get nice mail like this :))
    Much more fun than bills!

  4. I am amazed, napkins are more beautiful than ever these days. Lucky you.....xox Corrine

  5. This is so much better than the only "swap" I have done -- cookie swap. Not that I don't love cookies (which I do) but these serviettes are lovely (and last longer than the cookies) - hah! I love the collage photo.

  6. they do look lovely all together Shane, and you said it so beautifully ... world travelers that they are ... gives me wanderlust ... that ;)

  7. Fun mail is always exciting. You certainly received some gorgeous napkins.

    I'm visiting from "I'll Make You Smile"....I mostly do mixed media so I think this workshop might be a challenge for me.

  8. Wow -wow-and wow Shane--I can't wait to get mine.

  9. Hi Shane, I thought it's probably also because in summer people are not so often spending their time on the computer... How are you? Did you have a nice summer (or winter??) My boy is fine, he's now 19 months old, time goes by so quickly...
    Love, Chani

  10. Ooooh!! pretty, pretty, pretty! Im a sucker for pretty paper napkins too, though it's been quite a while since I made any art.
    Found you through follow me fridays & following you on Google friend connect now. :)

  11. Beautiful and how fun! They are all amazing ...


  12. Hi Shane,
    Just a quick comment to wish you and all in NZ well.
    Best wishes,

  13. Super cool swap, I love this napkins from afar idea and now you get to make your own art with all these goodies too, fab!

  14. Love the fabrics and yes I did remember Father's day as I orderd Dad a subscription to readers digest - it was my sister's idea.

    Hope you had a nice Father's day in NZ :-)

    Leeann x

  15. Love that final arrangement you did... so pretty.
    Can't wait to get mine :-)

  16. I have a lot of paper napkins and i would like to participate to the swap, how can i do it?

  17. I would love to find these in my mailbox too! They are so beautiful! Makes me wanna go and buy some new napkins!! xoxo

  18. Oh this is so lovely!
    Talking about you on my blog! Come see!

  19. Hi Shane,
    I never knew paper napkins came in so many lovely prints! Now I will be on the look out!Your mosaic is a beauty too! I love how busy you are with the jouranl making class (gorgeous) and I can't wait to see that quilt:-)
    Thanks for inviting me to stop by it was a pleasure, and I am your newest follower.
    Have a wonderful night!

  20. Merci Merci!!!

    Bon weekend


  21. What a wonderful idea -- these are beautiful! Especially love that last photo!

  22. Hi Shane,

    Thanks for visiting me and you asked what was in the Laduree box, a very sweet candle in a pink porcelain dish. I have shown it on my blog before.
    About the fair, I do not think I will be going, as it is poring with rain and I have had a nasty cough for the past four days, so want to get over it.
    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend

  23. Hello Dear! You don't need an invite to join us on October 1st. You can also link as many French post as you would was very fun!
    Big hugs and great week end ;)

  24. Hi Shane! Soooo pretty! What a fun swap! It's always so much fun to get surprises in the mail, isn't it? :) Thanks for vising Heaven's Walk and being a new follower. I love meeting new friends! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  25. HI Shane,

    while blogging I found your beautiful blog... that's amazing, because I love NZ and I am always happy to read something about your country and the people who are so lucky living there...

    Nice greetings from Germany,


  26. Hi Shane,
    I found you on Freda's blog and was attracted by your blog name, so came over to visit. I collect vintage linens too, not so much laces, but I do have a few lace items.
    It must be Paper Napkins Year or something, because lately I've been finding heaps of craft projects using napkins. I've swapped bundles of napkins with other people too, and have amassed a lovely collection. Don't know what I'll do with them yet, but I'm happy to just look at them and make plans in my mind!

  27. Thanks for sending me though
    that is very sweet of you.



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