Monday, 3 April 2017

Mosaic Monday - Looking Back at March

I'm pressed for time this week so I decided to look back on
some of my previous posts.

I'm working tomorrow morning and
I have a dental appointment in the afternoon.
Then on Wednesday morning I'm flying to Queensland, Australia.

Cyclone Debbie has created havoc - I've looked at the photos on line
and the devastation is incredible - nature at her worst.
It's heartbreaking for families whose homes  have been destroyed.
I feel somewhat guilty arriving for a holiday amid such chaos.

I will be catching up with a very dear blog friend in Brisbane
whom I met two years ago when she was passing through
Auckland on her way to see her family in Canada.
Have you guessed who she is?
All will be revealed very soon!

 I'll be out and about taking photos and if time allows
I'll join you all next Monday.

Thank you dear Maggie for hosting

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you for visiting.


  1. You have a busy week ahead of you, some very nice and some not so much!
    So grateful that you took the time to create a mosaic for us to enjoy, they say every picture tells a story and there looks to be some great ones here.
    Have a great trip, it's always fun to meet other bloggers, and take lots and lots of pix.
    Happy MM.

  2. Many happy moments in your mosaic - have a lovely week!

  3. I just left behind two very busy weeks and so I so get it.I enjoyed the lovely mosaic that you put together. Have a wonderful week~

  4. A beautiful mosaic of sweet memories, Shane. You've been busy, and now about to get even busier! Sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation in Australia; it must be devastating, indeed, for those who were affected. I'm wondering who your Canadian blogger friend might be, since I know a few myself. Until that reveal, happy travels.


  5. Hi Shane, I enjoyed your look back. I live in hurricane country in the states and just hearing the word "hurricane" makes me shudder. So sad. Enjoy your holiday.

  6. The mosaic is lovely and I hope you have a fun visit.

  7. Nice to be reminded of some of your earlier photos. Be safe on your trip!

  8. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. Hope your trip to Brisbane is fun - you must be meeting up with Patricia again, how lovely and special for you both. So have a fun time and hopefully no bad weather whilst there Shane. I feel sad for the people who have lost so much - we understand having been through several hurricanes here.

    You sound busy so thanks for sharing such a pretty collage.
    Travel safely.
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Oh it sounds as though your trip is going to be filled with fun! I hope the dentist isn't too hard on your so you can really enjoy your trip!

  11. I hate to hear about the devastation...what terrible times for so many people. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear more about it and see photos. Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Lovely mosaic of times gone by. I do hope you have a good trip and nice time with your friend.

  13. Dear Shane,
    your Look Back Mosaic is wonderful, seems, you have had wonderful and happy moments!
    HAve a wonderful week and take care, my sweet friend,
    Love and hugs, claudia xo

  14. Hope you have a good time in Oz and meeting your special friend!

  15. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to seeing more next time you do a blog post.

  16. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to seeing more next time you do a blog post.

  17. Hope you have a good holiday, Shane and that where you are holidaying hasn't been too badly effected by Debbie. My heart aches for the people of Airlie Beach and Proserpine where I lived for a few years.

  18. Dearest Shane,
    Well, you had your cyclone Debbie pestering the area and we had two days of sirens going off for tornado watch. Rough weather with lots of rain and heavy wind gusts.
    But hopefully spring will now break through permanently.
    Sending you hugs, enjoy time with your friend!

  19. I hope you enjoy your trip, how nice to meet a blogger friend.

  20. March looks like it was interesting month. Thank-you so much for the lovely comments you left on my blog Shane. I look forward to revisiting you wonderful little corner here.

  21. Such a pretty mosaic! I hope you had a safe trip Shane.

  22. Hi Shane, sending love and hope for NZ..lovely lovely mosaic!

  23. Shane, your March pictures are lovely, especially those purple flowers. Have a wonderful time in Queensland. How nice that you will be meeting up with a blog friend. I've only met one so far, and she owned a vintage shop in the same town.

    Safe travels, and have fun.


  24. Miss you here my dear - hope all is well and your family's move goes smoothly.
    Will be happy to see you posting again when life is not so busy.
    Love, Mary

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  26. Sometimes is good to look back to give you a breather and smile. Ugh, that cyclone really caused devastation. I’m from Puerto Rico and the island just went through that with Hurricane Maria. Thank goodness my mom was unhurt and her house only had minimal damage but part of the island were ravaged. It just seems nature is angry this year. :(



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