Thursday, 10 May 2012

Inspiration Campagne Style....

Hello dear friends and welcome!
I know you are all enjoying the joys of Spring and the start
of Summer in other parts of the world - lucky YOU!

Here in New Zealand,
 down under in the topsy turvy
Southern Hemisphere of the world,
it's Autumn, one of my favourite seasons!

Last weekend we experienced the
SUPER MOON over our skies!
Sadly this photo doesn't do justice to this
wonderful phenomena, as the moon was
bigger, clearer and brighter than I've ever seen.
It looked like a HUGE GOLD BALL in the sky...
sooooo MAGICAL and I for one could
have watched it all evening
gazing and dreaming!

When I look up at the moon I imagine my
family in France doing the same!
We both see the SAME MOON -
it's just the stars that are different!
It's comforting for me!

..............OOOPS I seem to have been side-tracked
not unusual for a dreamer like me!!
My daughter sometimes sends me a french
magazine - and usually it's an interiors one
like this Campagne.

I fell in love with the AMAZING stone house featured
in this issue - not HARD to do as you can see!
My decor style of choice is Nordic French
however I'm probably even more eclectic than that.

The kitchen is lovely, but I'm quite practical
when it comes to kitchens, I like to have a
casual table and chairs for family meals!

Benches and bar stools don't do it for me.

(image from here)
THIS is PERFECT just what I LOVE.
Are you a bar stool at the bench
kinda girl or
table and chairs girl like me?

The living room is beautiful...
it has key french elements combined with
the charm of english country too.
I've always been fond of mixing florals
and checks - makes for homely comfort.
...and I'm totally in LOVE with

I'm still beavering away with my sewing
and embroidery bits - I can almost see light
at the end of the TUNNEL - thank goodness!
I should be able to show you the fruits
of my labours very soon!

click on Vicky's name to take you to her

Thank you my dear friends
for visiting and expecially
those of you who come by often
and leave me lovely warm comments,
make blogging worthwhile for me!!
Be kind to one another
hugs and love
Shane xox

Made with love for Jessie oxo


  1. ciao foto della "tua" luna emoziona...sicuramente qui non l'abbiamo vista così bella....ora dici che siete in autunno con i suoi magici colori giallo-marrone......fotografa...fotografa.così godiamo anche noi di questo incanto!

  2. Dearest Shane,

    You are a dreamer, but a practical one! I'm totally with you about benches and bar stools! For breakfast we enjoy our comfy Ikea Nordmyra chairs as they hold your back in a perfect way.
    Oh, how you will long for your granddaughter Jessie.
    Love to you,

  3. That moon was amazing wasn't it? I thought at first one of the children had left the outside coach lamp on then I remembered and we all raced outside.It sure confused our rooster though!
    I have a weakness for magazines and hauled over here my collection of NZ House and Gardens including the first edition which surely must be a collector's item by now. Our local op shop has had a pile of English decorating magazines recently but alas no French ones! That one looks amazing. If you have the time Shane you must pop over to my blog for a peek at my most recent creations that I am now selling at the markets. I think you will approve. Here's a clue I get to go searching through op shops and garage sales for vintage china. It's a most blissful way to earn a little extra income!

  4. Ah! French Campagne Decoration - the best interiors magazine in the world - and I should know - I've been selling them for years! There have been inferior copies - new magazines that pale into comparison - I honestly believe Campagne magazine is responsible for the popularity of vintage French look - the linen textiles, the white/grey paint finishes, the unfitted kitchens... all just too delicious!

  5. Hello dear Shane, my goodness the weeks go by sooo quickly! You'll be heading off in no time at all. Meantime, your checks & florals are just lovely. What a wonderful light & airy dining space & what a sweet thought..that we all see the same moon no matter where we are in the world..definitely comforting. Have a wonderful week. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  6. What a beautiful moon and magazine to

  7. Hello sweet Shane
    Time is drawing near now! I hope you have got all of your little creations nearly finished!
    Love that beautiful French magazine.
    I love the country feel of it and, like you, just love the table and chairs any day over the stools! Now really! How can you enjoy a beautiful cup of afternoon tea perched on a stool?
    Stay well and take care,
    Love and hugs,

  8. Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X

  9. aaah mon vieux Shane , je t'adore les photos de la maison!!! Je rêve a ça aussi, mais aussi pres de la plage!
    I was at the beach during the super moon and unfortunately didn't see it that special night(due to the weather) but I did see it over the ocean Fri night and Sun night-so very special indeed!

  10. Now this is an amazing coincidence. I purchased that very magazine today in a local bookstore - the foreign ones arrive to the newstand a bit behind the time. I'm looking forward to a few hours with a cup of tea at hand to enjoy it.

  11. I brought back some decorating magazines from Spain that are all in Spanish but I just love looking at all the pictures. I love the old, rustic homes made from stone. Definitely table and chairs -- I like a mix of styles, different chairs around the table rather than all matched. I still haven't found a dining table to suit me. I know you are counting down the days til you travel. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  12. Dear Shane, just a beautiful post, it has everything, a gorgeous moon, a home to swoon over and a little bit of sweet bits to satisfy our creating nature in sewing and such!
    I am wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day filled with love and happiness? N.xo

  13. I'm most definitely a table & chairs girl. I'm afraid of heights so stools scare me (yes, I'm laughing). We saw that moon too and forgot to get the camera out...duh!

  14. great French style, but I'm still missing NZ



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