Monday, 2 April 2012

I'm grateful for such lovely friends...

Last year when I broke my arm,
my dear friend Patty of
sent me a wonderful
'cheer-up' package.

Just let me say here,
that I thought I had posted
this last year....
until I found it in my "drafts"
- I'm so very embarrassed.....
(At the time I thanked Patty by email)

The beautiful wrapping
foretold of what was to come....
I didn't want to disturb it
(well for a minute or two)!!!

An exquisite collage
is what Patty made for me.
Every detail is what I love,
so feminine
with old and delicate lace
and pretty fabric.

It cheered me up no end,
and I carried it with me
to show everyone
the beautiful artwork
my friend made for me!!!

such a sweet image

Included in the parcel was
a precious piece of lace
from her Mutti's curtain -
this is very special
as I know what memories
it holds for Patty...

"ART helps me Breathe"
is a catch phrase of Patty's
and I will talways treasure this
sweet piece of
broderie anglaise.

Thank you dear Patty
for such a wonderful gift
and your lovely message
on the back.
Please accept my apology
for neglecting to publish this post
at the time - I'm obviously
nearer to my dotage
than I previously thought!!!

to my 4 new followers,
I would love you all to
visit their blogs if you
don't already know them!
Kinzeey - no blog details sorry,

Thank you dear friends for visiting
and especially those of you
who leave me a comment - love you!!
Be kind to one another


  1. Sorry for you that your broke your arm! I wish you all good wishes!

  2. Sorry for the arm. What a wonderful, charming gift.I understand you love it!
    Hugs from Gudrun

  3. Hello Dear Shane
    Such a very beautiful gift from Patty and some very special lace which means so much to you.
    I just had to visit Patty and was so impressed with her Stone Angels - just supremely beautiful.
    How soon will you be leaving for France dear friend?
    With love and hugs,

  4. Patty sends the best stuff, her packaging is always such a joy! What a beauitful piece of work, so pretty!Mx

  5. A well said thank you is never too late! What lovely gifts she sent to cheer you up. I know you are thankful that the broken arm is in the past. We really never realize how much we depend on ALL the parts of our bodies until one is out of use.

  6. What a beautiful gift...enjoy a happy week from

  7. What a beautiful present! Lucky you :-)

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  8. Oh you sweet Lady you!
    Your email thank you was quite made my day and I was supposed to be cheering you up :)

    So many of us wished we could do more for you while you were a little happy mail seemed a good idea at least

    extra fun sending to someone like youself that appreciates bits of this and that!

    BIG hugs to you and yours dear one...
    Thank you for this kind and generous post!

  9. Hi Shane-thank you for sharing Patty's beautiful piece. I know she sent it full of healing thoughts and wishes.

  10. Dearest Shane,

    Well, let's phrase it like this: The big THANK YOU PATTY goes a loooooong way! It is pretty in reality and pretty in memory. Good thing that you took a photo from the outstanding wrapping; a gift in itself!
    Love to you,


  11. Dear Shane, this is the most beautiful gift, so feminine, and romantic. What a wonderful thing to do , Patty is a lovely friend.The old lace and b.anglaise from her treasured memories,is also a gift of love to you.

    Such a very beautiful post, thankyou.
    And a very happy easter to you my friend.

  12. Dearest Shane, we can all relate to forgetting things, you are not alone. A lovely present to receive anyway!
    I hope you are well and I'm sending loving wishes for a happy Easter to you and yours. Hugs xx

  13. Dear Shane,

    What a beautiful gift you received from your friend, and such a lovely way to cheer you up when you broke your arm.
    The collage is really pretty and I love the exquisite lace from the curtain.

    Happy Wednesday

  14. Thatis a beautiful gift your received from Patty. The collage is beautiful and that piece of lace is very precious.
    XoXO Yvonne



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