Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chicken and Olives... the recipe!

Sorry girls I know I promised to post this recipe
a couple of days ago but...
I've had the dreaded flu
in the middle of Summer - how does that happen?
...and I'm feeling suitably
sorry for myself..sniff. cough!!! 

I've been dosing myself up with
all manner of weird and wonderful potions!

My advice to family and friends for sore throats
is to swallow a peeled clove of garlic
wrapped in a spoon of the best honey...
(last thing at night) 
then magically come morning
your sore throat has gone!

Did I take my own advice?
unfortunately no...
I was feeling so miserable I couldn't think
of anything, so I've let it ride it's course
in between popping panadol and 
sipping "Gee's Linctus".
An old remedy for coughs
that the pharmacist will make up!

Enough of my ailments....!!!


 click on the picture to enlarge so you can print it off!

When you do this you'll see the page is splattered
with bits of this and that,
which tells you it's a very well used recipe!

It's a one dish recipe which is what I
love about it.
I often add a lemon cut into ⅛ ths
(leave skin on).

I serve it with a simple green salad.

The recipe is from this book.
Julie is a well known New Zealand cook
with many stimulating books published.
You may be able to order it from your
local library if you're interested!

On my kitchen bench today is a new pot
of herbs, basil chives and coriander.

Behind it is a plate I bought at a market years ago
it's a copy of an Italian design I think.

Sitting in front of my recipe book holder
are two large cups
we have our first coffee of the morning
from these!!
They are from Provence and the
mark on the back is "Terre Provence"!

I haven't used one recipe from this book
but I love the beautiful images
of French life
my daily reminder of where
my family live!


I just checked Vicki's blog and 331
bloggers have joined now.
Go here
to join us and have some fun
meeting new bloggers and
learning more about the world we live in!

dear friends for popping in to see me
and leaving your lovely comments!

to me new followers - I'm so glad you're here!

be kind to one another

hugs and love


Wish I was here - would you like to join me?!


  1. C'est vraiment appétissant!!!

  2. O yes !!...i hope spring will come soon...i hate snow......and cold weather.......please let it be spring soon....xxx...

  3. O yes !!...i hope spring will come soon...i hate snow......and cold weather.......please let it be spring soon....xxx...

  4. Oh my - so sorry you've succumbed to the dreaded flu! It's a horrible dose this year too. Take care of you!

  5. Hello Dear Shane
    Oh I was so sorry to hear that you have sucombed to the dreaded flu!
    How awful! I'm not even sure why you are blogging when feeling so poorly and providing those lovely recipes as well. It's hard enough to think of food when you feel like that.
    Thank you dear friend for your concern over the fires - not much fun at all! We did get 15 ml of rain on the weekend but it has all vanished and on Thurs. it will be back up to 40degC so lets hope we don't get much wind!
    Yes the poor garden will recover but we are nursing it along at the moment.
    Sending some healing energy to you now!
    Love and hugs (from a distance! - don't want to catch that bug!!!)


  6. Loving the blog (found through 2 bags full) and joined. We have so much in common (apartment in France on the Riviera for five years) and love of travel (this year Italy, Spain, Japan, NZ, China). I am a cancer survivor and trying to get back to real life. So happy to follow you. Visit me and enter my giveaway. x

  7. Oh I love that! Looks absolutely delicious and thank you for sharing with us! :)


  8. I am reading a book that talks about having coffee at the last photo of Cafe de Flore. Oh I wish I were there too. Sorry you have been sick, but hope you are feeling better now. Take care.

  9. Found you Shane! Oh man, your chicken recipe is perfect for me to try, thx for sharing. I'm glad we've found each others' blogs, I'm gonna love it here:) Have a great stitchy day. Happily following you in my Google Reader:)



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