Sunday, 3 July 2011

Marche par la mer à St Heliers - and Portuguese Tarts!!

Our doggie friend Floss and her shadow!
A friend and I walk almost every day.
Sometimes we have woolly friends
to walk with us as my friend
often has dogs to stay
when her friends go on trips overseas.

Walks with doggie friends
are much, much more fun!
Their enjoyment knows no bounds
and even on the coldest, wettest days
they are always enthusiastic
to head out the door!

Today is perfect "walkies" weather,
crisp and clear
with not a cloud in the sky,
and the harbour was as calm as
a mill pond.

Our walk was along the waterfront
of St Heliers, a pretty
seaside village in Auckland.
Rangitoto Island is in the background,
it is an extinct volcano
in the harbour,
and a great landmark for all

The village shops are just
off the main waterfront road.
There are many lovely
restaurants and cafes,
and shops of all kinds plus
a local library.

Looking towards the Kohimarama
another seaside village.

The dogs love running on the sand
and meeting other doggie friends
along the way.
Noses are always down searching for
interesting smells
and hints of who has been
on the beach before them!

On our way home
we stop at 'The Store'
it's renowned for excellent coffee -
there's always a queue here,
which to me is the sign
of something good and
worthwhile waiting for....

They also have the most delicious pastries.
Today we tried their
Portuguese tarts - so yummy.

Just as well we don't do this waterfront
walk every day
there are just too many
My dear walking companions -
one human and two canine!!!

We stopped at a friend's apartment
to drink our coffee and have a chat -
enjoyed on her balcony
overlooking the harbour.

Come back tomorrow and I'll
share my friend's recipe for
Portuguese tarts -
they are "to die for"!!!!

Interesting blogs
I've visited this week include:
(1) my friend Patty of Magpies Nest
she is an artist whose work I admire
and she is having a giveaway!
(2) Laura of Decore to Adore
I love Laura's interesting blog
and she has great links to
Prince Albert's marriage
in Monaco.

Take care,
be kind to one another and
"love life".
Thank you for visiting my blog
I really love meeting each
and every one of you.
Shane x


  1. Hi Shane,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful walk, with your friend and cute dogs.
    Hasn't the weather been lovely, makes you really want to be outdoors. I actually got outside and tried to clean up the garden.

    Happy rest of Sunday

  2. What a lovely walk. I love those tarts and can't buy them here in Devon. I've just brought a couple back after my trip to London. Can't wait for the recipe!


  3. The bay looks so.. beautiful and calm - what a great treat to enjoy it with a good friend and a couple of little wooly friends. You just know Shane I will be back for the portuguese tart recipe - I've seen them in shops but never tasted one.
    Keep safe and thanks for sharing xx

  4. Hi Shane,
    So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    I have so enjoyed my visit here to your lovely blog. It was so nice to take a walk with you and enjoy some time at The Store.
    Love your pics. Your wooly friends are little darlings and how nice to spend some time with your people friends enjoying coffee and a nice chat.
    So glad to find you through dear Carolyn of Little Bear Studio, thanks again for coming over for a visit.

    Hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie

  5. Aren't you lucky to live in such gorgeous surroundings and have special friends to spend time with too (furry and two legged)!!!

    THE Store looks and sounds very inviting and you have me curious about those tarts!

    Thank you for the sweet mention also dear are a doll!

  6. Beautiful views Shane and wonderful doggie friends. They really enjoy that romp on the beach I bet. xox Corrine

  7. Love this post! I last went to St Heliers 30 odd years ago, it was a cute town even then, a Fencing tournament if I remeber correctly, my first ever sports trip by plane!! Mx

  8. Hi Shane,
    So nice to visit your walk again.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my redesign.
    So hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with friends. Did you have some delicious pastry?

    Hugs from Texas,
    Celestina Marie

  9. I completely enjoyed your lovely tour and I must come back for the recipe!!

  10. THE STORE would be a place I would visit on a regular basis. It looks so inviting and who could resist those pastries! Looking forward to your recipe for Tarts.

    Georgeous photos of water and such. Since there is NONE in my neck-of-the-woods, it's always nice to see such lovely views. And the doggies look like they were enjoying it, too.

    Have a lovely weekend whatever you do!


  11. Fab photos - hope you are feeling better. I enjoyed blog-hopping to some new places from your last post :-)

  12. I went to St Heliers 30 odd years ago, it was a very beautiful town, I visited their in my sport tour. I really enjoyed your blog.
    printed golf balls



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